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Our vision is to create not just a place to live, but to create tight-knit urban community where residents of all ages can enjoy an active social life in close touch with nature.

At ABS, we are inspired by the spark, that vivid and powerful moment when a client’s needs and a designer’s vision coalesce into one cohesive design strategy. Our designer’s enthusiasm and expertise ensure that this strategy is implemented in the best possible way, developing client spaces of unparalled functionally and sophistication.

Our technological platform also enables us to create highly coordinated sets of construction documents that link building component information to external databases for post – occupancy space and asset management.



To deliver the best output transparency to clients, and broaden activity base by diversifying into other infrastructure disciplines so as to sustain a healthy growth rate.

ABS Group shall foster a culture of caring, trust and continuous learning while meeting expectations of employees and society.



To create a fair and courteous environment for clients, employees, vendors, as well as the society.